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Experts committee

    • Dai Hao
    • Dai Hao
    • Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering
  • Professor Dai Hao is a member of Chinaacademy of engineering and an expert of automation networks. In a system whichhe worked as deputy chief designer, he identified and corrected the fatal errorin program through the analysis of object code of network software DECnet, andachieved the interworking of domestic microcomputer and DECnet by compilingreversely the special protocol text of link layer. When he worked as the chiefdesigner for the third phase of the automation network, he unified the technicalsystem of the network and application, made a significant innovation in suchaspects as the network dynamic reconfiguration, and built the private network withtrusted network entities and user behavior controllable. Professor Dai wasawarded the first prize of National Computer Application, and first prize of theNational Science and Technology Progress Award.