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New Network Architecture and Innovative Technology

Focusing on the basic theory research of new service-oriented network architecture, the project team tries to solve key problems including network hierarchy, network planning, routing and forwarding mechanism, change the old operating mode with data transmission as a single target in traditional network, integrate computing, storage and other functions into the core of the network, realize on-demand customization and service of network functions, reduce the disorderly growth of network bandwidth demand and improve control & management and security of the next-generation network. 

Major Researches:

1. SCN (Service Customized Network), the basic theory of new network structure

2. SOFIA (Service-Orientated Future Internet Architecture)

3. SDN (Software Defined Networking)

4. NFV (Network Function Virtualization)

5. ODL(OpenDayLight)、ONOS(Open Network Operating System)

6. Other key technologies including high-efficient SDN routing and forwarding, network programming, edge network intelligent access