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Network Big Data

Targeting at the explosive business requirements ofmassive network big data, based on big data measurement & awareness and datamining, the project team has self-developed seven platforms including HugeStore®,HugeCube, HugeAnalysis, HugeView, HugeSearch®, HugePerception and HugeCrawler withservice capabilities on big data security, data transactions and internetinsight, providing high-efficient big data solutions for different industries,such as government, healthcare, environmental protection, security,transportation, tourism and education.  

Major Researches:

1. Analysis and measurement awareness serviceplatform based on network performance big data

2. Intelligent monitoring analysis system andtechnology based on awareness, analysis and usability monitoring of governmentwebsite big data

3. Enterprise decision support platform andwebsite user behavior monitoring & analysis based on internet consumer big data

4. Intelligentsolution based on transportation big data

5. Network access, WiFi probe, data miningand analysis and other total solutions designed for commercial complex such as intelligentpark, sight, and supermarket