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Network Awareness and Operation

Based on numerous of distributedmeasurement nodes covering the nationwide, the project team has built an independentinformation service platform integrating with functions of network performancedetection, behavior monitoring and social attribute monitoring, completelyperceiving network applications and end-user experience, deeply mining networkawareness and operation data, and proving decision supports for management,control, operation and maintenance of network and information resources.

Major Researches:

1. Intelligent awareness and measurementnetwork platform architecture covering major cities in China

2. Future networkinformation graphic design and key technology driven by big data

3. Key technologieson intelligent measurement & awareness, security monitoring and networkscheduling & optimization

4. Key technologiesof data linkage analysis, such as traffic scheduling information, traffic flowdirections and service qualities in data center

5. Key technologiesof network automation layout, operation and maintenance based on SDN/NFV