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Mayor Miao Ruilin Came to our Institute for Investigation

Date:2014年01月03日      Total Browse 2469 Secondary      Editor:

Miao Ruilin, Mayor of Nanjing, came to Jiangsu Future Networks Innovation Institute to investigate the developments in the emerging strategic industries on January 3, 2014, accompanied by Zhou Qian, Luo Qun, Chen Faxi, Dai Huajie and other Municipal and District leaders.

At the Institute, Miao Ruilin and all the other delegates visited the Master Control Center of the Future Networks with great interests to learn more about the operation of the small-scale test facility of China's first network, and had in-depth exchanges with Liu Yunjie, the dean of Jiangsu Future Networks Innovation Institute and academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering about the future network construction in China. Miao Ruilin gave full credit for the remarkable achievements that Future Networks Institute had made in accelerating the innovation-driven speed and advancing the top design and technology development of our future network, and he said that emerging strategic industries represented the future direction of technological advance and industrial development, which has a huge market potential, and will have an important role in the economic transformation and industrial structural adjustment of Nanjing. He hoped that Future Network, as one of the emerging strategic industries that Nanjing focused on, should gave full play to concentrate resources to accomplish large undertakings, and to seize the commanding ground of future network and development opportunities.