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Experts committee

    • Liu Yunjie
    • Liu Yunjie
    • Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, director of Industry Innovation Center for Future Network, China
  • Professor Liu Yunjie is a Member of ChineseAcademy of Engineering , the chief scientist and Ph.D. advisor of Internet inICT, CAS, director of Science and Technology Committee of China Unicom, dean ofSchool of Information and Communication Engineering, Beijing University ofPosts and Telecommunications. When he was the director of the Institute of datacommunication, MPT, he was responsible for organizing and establishing anationwide and advanced data communication network, which has become animportant infrastructure of Chinese information development. He led the design,construction and management of public data network, computer Internet,high-speed broadband network, which laid an important foundation for Chineseinformation development. He presided over the design, construction andmanagement of a unified multi-service network platform of China Unicom, whichprovided a viable solution for the integration of telecommunications networks,cable tv networks and Internet. Moreover, it was a successful large scalepractice for the next generation of network evolution. He won the first prizefor State Scientific and Technological Advancement, and ministerial lever StateScientific and Technological Advancement twice. He has received 2 state levelinvention patents.