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Experts committee

    • Chen Zuoning
    • Chen Zuoning
    • Vice Director of CAE, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering
  • Chen Zuoning is the member and vicedirector of Chinese academy of engineering, and works as the chief engineer of nationalparallel computer engineering technology research center. She was electeddelegate of the 10th National People's Congress, and the alternate member ofthe 17th and 18th session of the Central Committee. Since 1979, she participatedand led research of domestic high performance computer system, and hosted developingdomestic large system software projects for many times, including thedevelopment of China's first parallel operation system which was fullycompatible with UNIX system and the parallel processing technology reachedworld leading level in the 1980s. Academician Chen has won two grand prizes andtwo first prizes for National Scientific &Technological Progress, Truth-SeekingAward, and has been awarded as “Science & Technology Award for ChineseYouth”, “National Outstanding Young & Middle-Aged Expert with OutstandingContribution”, “China's Young Scientists”, etc.