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    • Peter Steenkiste
    • Peter Steenkiste
    • Professor at CMU, Leader of XIA Future Network Project U.S.
  • Peter Steenkiste is a professor of ComputerScience, and Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.He received an MS and PhD from Stanford University. His interests are innetworking and distributed systems and he has participated in research projectsin areas such as high performance networking, quality of services, wirelessnetworks, and future internet architectures. He is current the principleinvestigator for the XIA project on future Internet architecture. PeterSteenkiste is a Fellow of the IEEE. He was the general co-chair for ACMSIGCOMM'02, program co-chair for MobiCom 2008. He was the recipient of the bestpaper award in ACM SIGCOMM 2014.