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Experts committee

    • Li Guojie
    • Li Guojie
    • Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering
  • Resume:

    Professor Li was appointed by the State Scienceand Technology Commission as Director of the National Research Center forIntelligent Computing Systems (NCIC). Over the past decades, he has beendevoting himself to the research in parallel processing, computer architecture,artificial intelligence and so on. In all, he has published over 100 academicpapers and collaborated with others 4 monographs in English. Currently, he isthe Chief Editor of Journal of Computer Science and Technology.

    In recent years, Professor Li Guojie successfullyled the research and development of Dawning-1 parallel computer, Dawning-1000massively parallel processing systems (MPP), Dawning-2000 & Dawning-3000super server. Under his leadership, ICT successfully developed Loongson highperformance general purpose CPU. He presided over the IPv6 network research, amajor project of CAS. Dawning-1 won the special prize for Scientific andTechnological Advancement by CAS in 1994; Dawning-1000 won the special prizefor Scientific and Technological Advancement by CAS in 1996, and the firstprize for State Scientific and Technological Advancement in 1997. In 1995, ProfessorLi was elected as Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering and one of the “MostAdvanced Workers” throughout the country in 2000. In 2001, he won theOutstanding Alumni Award of Purdue University. In 2002, he was elected asMember of the Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS).