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Experts committee

    • Lu Xicheng
    • Lu Xicheng
    • Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering
  • Professor Lu Xicheng, expert in computersystem architecture, computer networks and developed the Yinhe ParallelSupercomputer. He is currently the Deputy Director of Science and TechnologyCommission of PLA General Armament Department, and the Director of National KeyLaboratory of Parallel and Distributed Processing. He has successfully chairedand developed the Yinhe Ⅲ parallel supercomputer system, is responsible for the overalltechnology plan design, decision making on key technical problems andorganizing key technical projects, and has solved key technical problems suchas global shared distributed storage, deadlock-free three-dimensional ringnetwork and high-bandwidth, low-latency interconnection. At present, he acts asthe chief scientist in charge of the National 973 Plan (National Key BasicResearch Development Plan) project “Research on Hypothesized ComputationEnvironment Polymerization and the Coordination Mechanism”. He has won firstprize and second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award. Hehas published four monographs and more than 120 papers. He was elected as theacademician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in 1999.