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Experts committee

    • Wu Jianping
    • Wu Jianping
    • Director of Tsinghua university information network engineering research center
  • Jianping Wu is a Professor of Department ofComputer Science at Tsinghua University and a member of Chinese Academy ofEngineering. Dr. Wu is serving the dean of the Department of Computer Science,dean of Institute for Network Sciences and Cyberspace, director of InformationTechnology Center at Tsinghua University. Dr. Wu is also serving the directorsof Network Center and Technical Board of China Education and Research Network (CERNET), and thedirector of the National Engineering Laboratory for Next Generation Internet, amember of Advisory Committee of National Information Infrastructure forSecretariat of State Council of China, and Vice President of Internet Societyof China (ISC). He is the IEEE Fellow. And Dr. Wu was also the Chairman of AsiaPacific Advanced Network (2007-2011).

    Dr. Wu received one award of the SecondPrize of the National Award for Technological Invention, three awards of theSecond Prize of the National Award for the Advancement in Science andTechnology, He received Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress of HoLeung Ho Lee Foundation in 2008 and Jonathan B. Postel Service Award of ISOC in2010.