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Future Networks Experiment Environment

Ⅰ. Project Participants

Leading Administration: Jiangsu ProvincialGovernment

Co-building Administration: Ministry ofEducation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenzhen Municipal Government

Legal Entity Party: Jiangsu Future NetworksInnovation Institute

Co-building Parties: Tsinghua University,University of Science and Technology of China, Shenzhen Academy of Informationand Communications Technology

Ⅱ. Project Influence

Influence on science and technology:

Through large-scale verification of networkarchitecture theory and key technological research, the project will assist theexploration of network scientific models and evolutionary mechanism, andaccelerate the breakthrough in the research of network core equipment and keytechnology with independent IPR. China’s research ability in network scientificand technological field will be generally enhanced.   

Influence on industrial development:

The project will promote theindustrialization of research results and build an important platform forequipment manufacturers, network operators and application service providers toconduct the R&D, verification and demonstration of the systematic andservice innovation. China’s sustainable innovative ability in informationindustry will be generally enhanced.  

Influence on national security:

The project will build a platform for theverification and demonstration of the theory, technology and system of networkand information attacking and protection, which supports the construction ofnational independent and controllable network infrastructure. China’s safeguardand confrontation ability in national cyberspace will be generally enhanced.  

 Ⅲ. Project Objective

Objective of Science

Conduct research and provide a test andverification platform for the basic theory and key networking mechanism of thenew network architecture concerning the sustainable development of theInternet. Focusing at core technology of equipment, system and business, theproject will assist making important breakthrough in China’s network scientificand cyberspace research on core chip and equipment, operating system,router-controlled technology, network virtualization, security and trustedmechanism, large-scale networking experiment and innovative business system.

Objective of Engineering

To meet the experimental need of the newbusiness and application such as 5G, VR, etc., and to promote the industrialinnovation by exploring a technological development route with Chinesecharacteristics, we will construct a large-scale, open, manageable, sustainablefuture network infrastructure, and build a simple, efficient, and low-costenvironment for network innovation. China’s safeguard ability in nationalcyberspace and the initiative in the international cyberspace competition willbe generally enhanced. 

Ⅳ. Construction Content and Scale

The overall scientific and technologicaldesign of the project follows these basic principles: development driven byneed, unified top-level design, consideration to both stability andadvancement, and fully shared resource. The project construction coverstest-bed of 40 cities in China, supports no less than 128 heterogeneousnetworks and 4096 parallel tests, and ensures the interconnection with thecurrent network (IPv4/IPv6).

The specifics as following:

1. The construction of the infrastructure,including 133 test nodes connected through 100/10Gbps backbone network covering40 cities.

2. The construction of four innovationexperiment centers, including key equipment and system supporting R&D andinfrastructure construction.

3. The construction of operation andmanagement centers, including one headquarter and three branches, and thesupporting systems.

4. The construction of demonstration andapplication environment, which enables the application test of the third party.

5. The construction of renovation projectsand supporting public facilities, including civil engineering and therenovation of the second level node computer rooms.

The overall floorage of the project covers16,400 square meters with four management centers: headquarter in Nanjingcovers 8,000,the branch in Beijing covers 4,000 square meters, the branch inHefei covers2,400 square meters, and the branch in Shenzhen covers 2,000 squaremeters. The total construction lasts for five years.

Ⅴ. Project Budget

The total estimated investment of the projectis 1.67 billion RMB, including 900 million RMB from the Nation, and the restwill be borne by the local counterpart funds, leading administration andco-building parties.

Ⅵ. Project Location: Nanjing, Beijing, Hefei, Shenzhen, etc.