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Network and Information Security

The project team is focusing on researchof cloud security service and system based on SDN, which integrates innovativenetwork technologies including SDN and NFV with traditional networks. It hasthe capability to provide network security service and realizes flexibledeployment and application for security functions through its cloud servicemodel, solving kinds of security problems on deployment, management and energy consumptionin the existing network.

Major Researches:

1. Network security system, attack &defense strategy and cloud security service model based on SDN

2. Securityapplication services including VFW, VIPS, IPSECVPN and virtualization trafficsecurity gateway

3. Integrated gateway device intelligentmanagement, firewall, intrusion prevention, remote access, traffic control andother virtualization network security technologies

4. APT (Advanced Persistent Threat)awareness, early-warning and security defense system

5. One-stop mobile application securitysolutions like mobile application security consolidation, source codeconsolidation, phishing detection, vulnerability detection and threat awareness