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Content Delivery and Aggregation

Relying onachievements on CDN (Content Delivery Network), cloud computing and SDN, the project team mainlystudies on the new content delivery intelligent scheduling mechanism and the customizednetwork content delivery and aggregation mechanism facing to future networks, aimingto improve usability and efficiency of network, computing and storageresources, solve the problem of information redundancy transmission in network,and ensure fine scheduling of internet traffic and intelligent delivery ofnetwork information resources.

Major Researches:

1. Content resource management, resourceoptimization, intelligent scheduling technology and CDN system facing to fullservices

2. CAN (Content Aggregation Network) keytechnologies including CDN redirection, traffic load balancing, contentinjection / management / storage / delivery

3. U-Cache designedfor intelligently transmitting internet contents like websites, videos,pictures and words, and U-DNS designed for integrating big data analysis keytechnologies

4. WAN technology like content trafficintelligent scheduling based on SDN

5. Integrated routing key technology base oncontent heat and link state collaboration