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Programmable Virtual Router

1.   Overview

Thenetwork test-bed CENI is a national large-scale innovation infrastructure withindependent intellectual property right of China. It aims at conducting networkinnovative experimental research, and in the meantime leads to huge economicand social benefit by promote the completion of industrial chain from chipdesign, equipment manufacture to application and service.

Programmablevirtual router is an important part of the CENI network and the foundation thetest-bed, which brings the test-bed strengths such as open, virtualization andprogrammable. The test-bed assists researchers with the experimentalverification during the future network innovation, and simulates the problemsand verifies the solutions in the existing network.

2.   Types

Accordingto the performance and different needs of port capacity, the Programmablevirtual router platforms are divided into four types as PVR2004、PVR6004、PVR6404、PVR13410,which shows in the pictures above.


         PVR2004               PVR6004/6404                   PVR13410

3.   Key advantages

n  Supportseveral virtual routers sharing equipment resources, and ensure the isolationof functionality, performance and security to achieve the best use ofresources.

n  Provideenormous APIs and application building library, and in the meantime supportfast development and distribution of new technologies and applications.

n  The architectureof software and hardware are originally developed. Multiple application modulessuch as firewall, IPS and ICG are designed to promote the service of network functionsand dynamic loading on demand.

n  Decoupleinfrastructure and functionality with programmability, decouple infrastructureownership and functionality ownership with virtualization, and build multipleheterogeneous virtual networks simultaneously on a single physical substrate.Different network protocols and packet processing algorithms can runsimultaneously on different virtual networks, with strong isolation with eachother. More than ten national patent rights are gained.

4.   Application scenarios

Backbone network functions:national-scale test-bed CENI deploys in 40 backbone-node cities with programmablevirtual router through which constructs a system supporting multiple virtualnetworks.

Edge network functions: with the use ofNFV technology, each edge node is equipped with one programmable virtual routerto achieve uplink access and edge network function includes: Firewall, IPS,ICG, DNS, WAF, NAT, Edgecache and transport optimization, network business measurement and perceptionand active test of network performance from end-to-end.