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Ⅰ Overview

NFCloud(Network function cloud service platform base on SDN) provides network securitycloud service by integrating SDN and NFV. It is flexible to apply and offerssolutions to the problems of deployment, management, and energy consumption innetwork security.

 Ⅱ Architecture


Ⅲ Core Advantages

Personalized Function and Service

NFCloud offers personalized service for eachtenant according to different network requirement by decoupling with physicallocation of business resources. The application service link of NFCloud isflexible to process and modify, and will make no influence to physical topologyand other tenants.



On-Demand Dynamic Loading of Service

Traditionally,users purchase security products to meet the needs of regulations, whileNFCloud offers service-oriented application. The use of cloud in resourcedistribution and management pattern make the on-demand distribution ofresources and dynamic adjustment possible. The application can be started andpaused at any time, and redundant resources are released in time, in which way energyconsumption can be saved.

Data Linkage of ServiceFunction

The detecting unit of NFCloudfinds the condition and reports to the control plane. After data analysis, thecontrol plane comes up with the processing rules and sends them to theprocessing unit. The processing rules will be effective in real time, andachieve the result of function 1+1>2.


Ⅳ Application Scenarios

Solutionfor Operators

Thesolution integrates the cloud-oriented and virtual function of the corporationside into the network of Operators, while only keeps simple access function forthe corporation side, in which way, it is easier to provide standard equipment,simplify the deployment of corporation branches, and save operation and investmentcost. For Operators, it is very effective to speed up the ICT transformationand service for ICT management of corporations. It enables Operators totransform from selling the broadband to business and service, which increasesthe operation income. Meanwhile, the fast deployment of new business of corporationsbecomes possible, and the business model of charging on demand can be easilyextended.

Solutionfor Data Center

The solutionprovides service link protection for tenant-tenant network flow in the existingdata center and tenant-extranet flow. The solution can be easily extended.

Solution for Business Park

The solution deploys at the gateway of BusinessPark and in the corporation data center, contains tenants from all thecorporations and departments, and provides security protection at thecorporation gateway.

ⅤSuccessful case

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