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OpenLAB Innovative Experiment Platform

1.  Overview

OpenLABis a virtual network teaching and innovative experiment platform designed foruniversity labs. It supports all kinds of test types such as SDN, NFV, 5G,Internet of Things, network security, traditional network, etc. To meet thedemand of diversity network teaching and innovative experiment, flexible infrastructure resources and integration teaching services.

2.  Productadvantages

Cross- domain interconnected, crowdfunding and sharing

 OpenLAB integrates multiple cross-domain labnodes, which supports free drifting of hosting business virtual machine acrossmultiple lab centers and providing consistent service. It ensures the effectivesharing and backup of computing, storage and network resources.

Ensure isolation and clear disturbance

OpenLAB provides multi-dimensionalclients with customized experiment contents, and help clients constructingindependent network experiment environment, which ensure the isolation ofdifferent experiment environment while sharing the physical network resources.

 Customized and Flexible

Accordingto the customized need of selected equipment, topology construction and link bandwidth,the platform offers high quality flexible experiment infrastructure resourcesand services at the best price. In the meantime, users are able to adjustexperiment resources in real time to optimize the distribution of resources.

Smart monitoring, decision-makingassistance

Theplatform keeps teachers informing the experiment progress of the students bycollecting and analyzing the data of experiment equipment and process in realtime, which helps teachers with individualized mentoring.



Experiment Types

Support experiment types including SDN, NFV, traditional network, network security.

Experiment Management

Provide life-cycle experiment management. Start up completely independent virtual experiment environment with one click, and on-line experiments can be conducted at any time at any place. Support functions such as communication during the experiment, report writing, and the starting, closing and recycling of experiment environment.

Curriculum Management

Provide all kinds of experiment curriculum resource bundle including instructions, environment templates, and mirror images. Support visualized management of curriculum resource bundle.

Template Management

Support users creating experiment environment templates, and construct experiment network topology on demand.

Network Element Management

Support management on different virtual network elements and links, and create high custom virtual network experiment environment by flexible scheduling.

Cross-Domain Management

Support inter-domain network automatic management and cross-domain virtual network communication, and unify the different inter-domain resource management.

Monitoring and Analysis

Monitor the real time operating condition of infrastructure resources such as host machine, virtual machine and network equipment, collect the data in the experiment process, analyze it with the background big data system,  and show it to the users in a visual way.


5.Application Scenarios

University network practical teaching

The platform provides thefaculty and students with one-click virtual network experiment environment and hierarchicalcurriculum bundle through integration and sharing of physical resources. In themeantime, the platform offers a series of value-added services such astechnology communication, practical training and skill certification training,which provides open technical platform support for the experiment teaching ofnetwork, SDN/NFV, cloud computing, mobile communication in universities.

SupportingR&D of scientific research project

Based on the virtualization ofcomputing, storage and network resource with the technology of SDN/NFV, theplatform will create a virtual experiment environment to support teams fromFNII conducting scientific research and verification in many fields such asSDN/NFV, network security, internet of things, 5G.



Promote the open expansion ofuniversity labs, and narrow the gap between the practical teaching and the needof industry.

Promote the scientific andcomplete network practical curriculum system, and guarantee the education ofskilled talents.


Promote the teaching efficientwith a detailed management with interactive teaching method, on-line Q&A,on-line experiment report submission. Simplify the experiment process byintegrating abundant curriculum, detailed operation instructions, and matchedexperiment tools, which allows teachers more focusing at teaching process.


Enhance students’ practicalskill by analyzing experiment data and making up the deficiencies.

Promote individualizedlearning and mentoring.



More information, please visit the website  www.uspeed.com.cn