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Distributed Collaborative and Active Measurement

I. System Overview

The system can perceivethe performance and QoS of the network and its hosted services in real time.

Hierarchical and modularstructure supports sub domain scheduling, index customization, resultdistributed storage and retrieval of test tools, and probes are easy to extend.

By supporting multipleaccess probes of wired, 4G/5G and WiFi, the entire coverage of heterogeneousnetworks is achieved.


II. System Features

III. Function Overview

User Subjective Feelings

Provides end-users with subjective feelings on serviceperformance of networks

Network Resource Performance(KPI)

Reflects the performance of the network itself

 Service ApplicationQuality (KQI)

?  Aimsat quality for network service application

IV. Probe Devices

V. Probe with Edge-Preserving Capability

Pooling computing and storage capabilities based onedge-preserving capability open platform can invent softprobes with a wide range of capabilities. Soft probes have interfacesthat are consistent with physical probes, support all measuring tools, implementflexible deployment of measuring probes, and perform dynamic scheduling ofmeasurement tasks. Meanwhile, soft probes can apply and release capabilityresources of the platform in-time, and make full use of edge capabilityresources to provide measurement services for different users.