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Network Monitoring and Analysis System

I. Product Introduction

ApplicationScope: Thissystem is a product for network flow and performance monitoring & analysis,which is suitable for enterprises, institutions and operators to provide publicservices through networks, especially those units that need to ensure the normaloperation of networks and core applications. It can be collaborative with othernetwork management products, especially as an important supplement to network operationand maintenance.

CoreFunctions:With core function modules of “Flow Perspective, Performance Monitoring, DecodingEngine, Alarm Monitoring, Retrospective Analysis, Expert Tools”, assisted byreporting analysis and system management, the system can help users implementreasonable allocation of network resources and ensure network in efficient,reliable, and stable operation.

TechnicalFeatures:With self-developed high performance traffic monitoring card, possessing patentabletechnologies of data-packet processing, hardware acceleration, accurate serviceidentification, network behavior modeling and content recovery & audit, throughdistributed deployment of probes in the key nodes of the network, the systemcan capture all the data-packet network traffics, provide the most accurate andcomprehensive statistics on network traffic, performance, services andsecurity, and realize visible monitoring for network traffic at any time or anyplace.

II. System Functions

III. Technical Features


The original intelligent probe canhelp finish kinds of tasks, such as network data collection, trafficperspective and intelligent analysis, and measurement of service performanceindex.


The system can support at least1,300 tier 2-7 common protocols, user-defined protocol additions, and updatesfor recognition methods and features.


The system can accomplish wire speedacquisition and zero-packet-loss forwarding for 10Gbps network traffic of 64-1,518bytes packet.


The process of traffic monitoringanalysis is very agile. The minimum refresh period for monitoring result only takesone second, and the records can be kept for three months.


The system can provide monitoringanalysis for HS-Link, high concurrent traffic, protocol layer traffic andperformance. A single measurement link can support monitoring services for atleast 5,000,000 IPv6/IPv4 concurrent traffic streams.


The content analysis function can beused for quick keyword match both in Chinese and English, remove the impact ofinterference characters and prevent file format spoofing.


Adopting the centralized anddistributed management method, the system has good flexibility and scalabilityto allow users to customize protocol programming scripts and data access APIs.


The system supports the sub domain,layered and hierarchical deployment, especially suitable for monitoring of hugecomplex networks. The processing capacity of single device is up to 10Gbps, andthe concurrent connections reach 5 million.

IV. Specifications

Gigabit (Medium and Low Speed)
Gigabit (High Speed)
1G bps
2.4G bps
4.8G bps
10G bps
Concurrent Connections
Traffic Acceleration Card
Server with Gigabit Ethernet Card
Single Gigabit Card, 4Gb Port
Single 2.5Gb Card, 4*2.5Gb Port
Single 10Gb Card, 4*10Gb Port
Expansion Cards Number
Monitoring Interface
10/100/1000M Ethernet, OC-3, OC-12
10/100/1000M Ethernet, OC-3, OC-12
10/100/1000M Ethernet, OC-3, OC-12, OC-48
10/100/1000M Ethernet, OC-3, OC-12, OC-48, OC-192
Four Gigabit SFP Electro / Optical Modules
Four 2.5Gb SFP Optical Modules
10/100/1000Gb Adaptive Port
250w1+1 Redundancy
250w1+1 Redundancy
250w1+1 Redundancy
250w1+1 Redundancy
Maximum Links Number
Management Port / Onboard Traffic Port
6 Onboard Gigabit RJ45 Port
3 Onboard Gigabit RJ45 Port
0~50℃ / -20~60℃
3 Onboard Gigabit RJ45 Port
Management Method
Serial Port and Terminal
Web / Telnet
Serial Port and Terminal
Web / Telnet
Serial Port and Terminal
Web / Telnet
Serial Port and Terminal
Web / Telnet
1U Frame
2U Frame
2U Frame
2U Frame
Deployment Mode
Integrated/Distributed, Tandem Connection, Parallel Connection
Integrated/Distributed, Tandem Connection, Parallel Connection
Integrated/Distributed, Tandem Connection, Parallel Connection
Integrated/Distributed, Tandem Connection, Parallel Connection