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Intelligent Monitoring and Analysis System of Government Website

I. Brief Introduction

The product is based on theindustry-leading network awareness and big data analysis technology, adoptingthe cloud platform service system integrated innovative SaaS software with applicationmode. The system completely meets the needs of the national census indicatorsand daily performance evaluation.

II. Product Features

·  Monitoring nodes coveringthe nationwide major cities and operators with 7*24h service

·  One Button to send the problemslist to the website administrator

·  Supports positioning forpage element problems and investigation for CDN acceleration host performance

·  Implements the linkscanning and classification statistics and support error snapshot and sourcelocation

·  Conducts the typos /sensitive word scan, support error snapshot, and give prompt correction

·  Supports the customized lexicon

·  Has passed the softwareevaluation and certification of the Ministry of Public Security

 III. Product Functions

Data Module

Management Module

Monitoring Overview

Defective Website

Statistics Center

Management Center

·  Problem Overview

·  Monitoring Rankings

·  Website Fault Monitoring

·  Website Performance Monitoring

·  Website Typos Detection

·  Website Link Detection

·  Interactive Response Detection

·  Blank Column Detection

·  Website Usability

·  Website Security

·  Website Healthy

·  Website Traffic

·  Website Updates

·  Site Administration

·  Notification Management

·  Account Management

One-stop site management can realize one-button notification to administrators once problems have been found.

Problem Notification Record

IV. Application Scenarios

Having been applied in more than2,000 government websites, the system helped Hunan Province, Anhui Province andShanxi Province to get good rankings during government website evaluation. Bycultivating the market in Hunan, the company has established cooperation with 100%city government departments, 40% bureaus, and 30% counties for serving over 800websites. More than 600 government websites have also deployed the systemthrough agents’ promotion in several provinces, such as Anhui, Guangxi andShanxi.