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Internet Insight Solution

I. Problem to Be Solved

Using leading technologies forin-depth analysis of big data and integrating functions including consumer portraits,attribute analysis, product analysis, product managements and reference points,the solution will help provide enterprises with decision supports, such asmarket positioning, commercial competitions and sales strategies.

II. Solution

III. SolutionAdvantages

Internetconsumer big data analysis exists in the entire product life circle:

?  Providing configurationand function decision supports during the design;

?  Improving conversionrate based on fine marketing;

?  Adjusting marketingstrategy according to users’ feedbacks;

?  Realizing quickpromotion because of multi dimensional data visualization;

?  Optimizing clientservices with data analysis.


?  Through collecting andanalyzing discussions of internet users, you can know exactly how they appraisethe product.


?  Through providingconfiguration and function decision supports during the product design, you canaccurately know how users view cooperation and function.

IV. System Structure


?  Crawler Subsystem canimplement crawler task management, crawler data collection and data analysisstorage;

?  Data analysis subsystem canhandle comment data, and implement repeated filtering and error correction accordingto content analysis based on tags, polarity and reversals;

?  Statistics subsystem candisplay result data generated from different dimensions, such as productattributes, data sources, time periods and competing products;

?  Display subsystem canshow kinds of analysis data, such as data mapping configuration, productanalysis, attributes analysis and analysis overview.

V. Successful Cases