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Enterprise-Class Online Behavior Management

I. Requirement Analysis

Based on edge computing capabilities, thedevelopment platform integrates with kinds of technologies including SDN, NFV,mobile internet, map-aided positioning and activity audit. The professional configurationscan ensure the platform security and stability. What can it do for the abuse ofthe internet and the hidden risks?

Internet brings great convenience forbusinesses, meanwhile, how do we deal with the abuse of the network, forbiddenor release? It will be a difficult problem for the management in enterprises. Factsshow that lack of proper management may pose numerous troubles to the businesses,which means enterprises need to conduct effective online behavior management.

Enterprise-Class Online Behavior Managementproduct can provide flexible management strategy tailored for enterprise,helping whom to build a safe, civilized, healthy and efficient network.

Controllable network capability can be realizedaccording to the elaborative strategy based on time, users, terminals, trafficsand contents. Employees are required to reasonably use network resources duringworking hours to ensure efficiency. Its bandwidth management solution isdesigned to help enterprises to maximize the bandwidth usage, the result ofwhich is more bandwidth for critical business groups while less bandwidth forinappropriate activities.

II. Product Introduction

Hardware Platform

?  Adopts software and hardware integrated networkequipment product form

?  Supports localization/virtualization and remotemanagement

?  Has high stability and operation efficiency

?  Can be easily deployed in network room

?  Has more several serial models covering theSOHO-class, enterprise-class and core level

?  Can be easily deployed in the network room, andhas more than one series of models, covering the SOHO level, enterprise level,core level, fully meet the needs of customers of different sizes

Advantages of Hardware Platform

High OperatingEfficiency

?  Online Behavior Management product uses thestable X86-64 architecture and Intel high-performance processor & chip groupto handle 100Mbps to 10Gbps data throughput. High processing capability andoperating efficiency can be maintained when all functions in the applicationlayers are turned on.

HardwareByPass Function

?  World-leading hardware ByPass function can keep bothnetwork interfaces automatically connected to ensure network connectivity atthe downtime or power-off.

Support for Expansionslot

?  The platform can support network interface andoptical signal interface to meet differentinterface requirements. Expansion slot can be supported in some models to ensure users change network cardsaccording to their needs.

Software System

Using self-developed high performance operatingsystem, Enterprise-Class Online Behavior Management system can maintain high availability,stability and operational efficiency in a high load task and realize localized / virtualized and remote operation.

One-Key OnlineUpgrade

The systemhas a complete online upgrade mechanism, allowing users to enjoy the convenientonline upgrade services within the authorizationperiod. Current version and the latest version can be automatically checked bythe system for one-key upgrade.

Humanized Operation

The operationmode adopts B/S structure, allowing users remotely or locally to log on theenterprise-class online behavior management system platform. Installing expertmode in policy contents, its design values user experience with one-touchoperation. Self-defined mode and customized policy contents can improve thecapability on network management, making enterprise administrators become loyalfans.

HighAvailability and Stability

Using self-developed and highly stable Linux kernel, the system has ahigh degree of coupling       on operationsystem, underlyingfunctional core and user interface to ensure high availability and stability,which can be comparable with routers, switches and other network equipments.  

III. Product Service Mode

Improving Work Efficiency

? Provides enterprise with employee online behaviorstrategy, such as restricting access to entertainment contents and settingbandwidth limits, avoiding irrelevant online behavior to occupy too muchworking time

Business IntelligenceAnalysis

?  Provides online behavior data analysis servicesfor managements, implements network monitoring on users, applications andprotocols, forms intelligent statistical reports showing service trendsincluding working efficiency, compliance rate, and bandwidth utilization

Internet Behavior Visualization

? Comprehensively monitors users’ online behaviorsfrom three aspects of user identification, behavior perception and contentvisualization, realizing the whole internet trends visualization to acutelyposition abnormal occurrences  

Bandwidth ResourceOptimization to Ensure Safeguard and Control

?  Divides bandwidth into different levels accordingto applications and users, avoiding bandwidth killers, such as download, to drainresources, and grantees bandwidth to be prior used for core businessesincluding OA system, emails and video conferences, solving the problem of networkcongestion and making office online tasks more smoothly. The unique trafficmanagement technology can help improve more than 25% on bandwidth utilization rate.

Powerful Application andContent Identification Control Function

? The management and control facing to networkapplications / URLs become more comprehensive, accurate and convenient. Userscan freely perform the functions of “Disable” and “Block”. Having the nation’s biggestapplication identification feature database, covering more than 2,000applications and over 500 mobile intelligent terminal APPs, the product canhelp identify different applications for granular management and control on mainstreamoperating platforms including Apple and Android. It is updated once a week toensure that new applications can be timely identified and old ones can beeliminated for keeping the recognition database more streamlined.

Perfectly Fitting for Devices

? Customized for enterprises and parks, the system canbe perfectly fitting for different devices, such as wireless AP, realizingservices including employee check-in, mobile office, online behavior analysis,mobile trajectory and accurate push. With the help of the system, kinds ofinformation, such as emergency radio, convenience services, advertising, can beexhibited though the park’s big screen, which will help to create a wisdom parkwith the standardized management and maximum benefits.

IV. Technology Advantages

Accurate Audit

Possessing the national largest classified database including more than ten million times of pages, the system can provide the most accurate service on website access audit management and control by real-time analysis of URL dynamics and engine & data updates through the clouds.

Flexible Configuration

Adopting local, remote and virtualized management modes, through Telnet, http/https, SSH and other modes, the system is easy to manage and configure with user-friendly design.

Complete Authentication

Real name registration for internet access can provide identification methods for user authentication, such as portal authentication, SMS authentication, WeChat certification, micro-blog certification and traffic traction.


Maximum Benefit

The system can completely improve flexibility, stability and security of traffic management, take full advantages of the overall network resources, satisfy complex business requirements, and make network resources more closely with business development to bring the maximum benefits for enterprises.


Network Management and Control

The function of management and control for private access WiFi can find those accesses not allowed in a minute analysis cycle through unique application layer feature analysis technology, guarantee the legitimacy of access users, and ensure that user network behavior can be controlled.


Safe and Reliable

Based on intrusion detection and defense technology to respond to denial of service attacks, the system can support data encryption, website isolation and illegal access point detection, protect data security and network privacy, and fully guarantee the availability of network infrastructure.

V. Scenario Solution

Unified Control of Wired and Wireless Networks


Online Behavior Management


High-Performance Management for Online Behaviors 

?  Realize unified control in the entire network and all terminals to manage both wired and wireless networks;

?  From access management: strictly control the access devices, such as mobile phones, lap-top computers, and other mobile terminals;

?  From application control: Fully identify kinds of applications, even being accurate to one function, such as Kindly Glory and iQIYI;

?  From network security: flexible identification and authority control based on location, application, terminal user and other dimensions to ensure find and control illegal wireless hotspots in time.


?  Overall identification and control for work unrelated applications to help improve work efficiency;

?  A number of professional traffic management functions to help reasonably allocate bandwidth resources to improve its utilization;

?  Record the tracks of internet users and disable unhealthy and illegal contents, satisfying the national’s compliance requirements;

?  Provide a unified management and control platform for institutions to ensure the management to be more efficient and reliable.

?  Uses new high-performance hardware platform, with unidirectional processing performance reached over 10G;

?  supports TCP, UDP, ICMP, IPv4 and IPv6;

?  Optimizes protocol supports;

?  Carries more traffic to satisfy user’s requirements for high-performance and high-stability devices.




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