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Content Network Integration Operation Platform

Ⅰ Overview

Basedon multiple business critical logging, the platform constructs an intelligentoperation service system towards users, network and information to realize theoptimization of network and flow scheduling through deep data mining and analysis.  The platform aims to assist the operation andmaintenance staff of the Operators to detect the value of the data rapidly andcompletely, so that the operation efficient will be promoted and contentnetwork operation will be more sophisticated.

Ⅱ Product Advantages

 Full LinkProduct Service

Rapidaccess to all kinds of data source to realize:

Full Business Analysis

Full Process Following Up

Full Network Optimization

Full Scenario Integration

HighProcessing Efficiency

High efficientand safe data base with independent IPR;

TB/PBdata distributing computing; 8 million/ second, 10G/minute;

Massivemultidimensional data visualized millisecond response.

Reduced FacilityRequirement

Flexibleextension of computing and storage based on PaaS level;

Reducedfacility cost and energy guaranteed by the high performance based on excellentdata structure and constantly promoted platform.

Ⅲ Architecture

Ⅳ Product Functions

Flow Direction Analysis

Conduct counting and analysis on Referrer, user location distribution, flow direction and node resources.

Content Distribution Optimization

Collect excellent algorithm, and realize flow distribution and optimization base on multipath, node load, node distance, cache analysis and SDN.

Use Behavior Analysis

Conduct flow and visiting analysis on high flow and hot business such as video, audio broadcasting, news, game, social webs and apps.

Project filing and vulnerability scanning

Draw the link between corporations and IP, domain name and project filing information, and construct the risk-control mechanism based on corporation portrait and business connection network. It provides functions such as unlisted project filing information, vulnerability scanning, and virus scanning, etc.

Business and QoS Assessment

Make analysis for buzz sections and websites on index such as loading delay, average time delay, TCP connect success rate, TCP retransmission rate, ad average end-end time delay.

Server Device Monitoring

Collect the operation parameters of the server such as CPU, storage and memory, and monitor the real time operation conditions of the devices.

Content operation suggestion

Analyze and locate problems from different perspectives including IP, domain name, domain and website. Capable of full link data measuring and inquiry, which covers algorithm such as classification, clustering, regression and relationship mining, and promote the content import mechanism.

Ⅴ Application scenarios

Support Business Index Evaluation

Conduct selective followingand analysis on the key index of the Operators, and give feedbacks of operationconditions in time, which allows the fast identify and settlement of problemsfailing to meet the index requirement.

Support Operation Promotion

Construct a flow operation andQoS evaluation system from multiple perspectives including user-end,content-end and network-end to learn the real operation conditions, and providedecision-making basis for content import and QoS promotion.

Multi-Business System IntegrationAnalysis

Overcome the limits andbottlenecks of traditional single business analysis, integrate multi-businessanalysis based on DNS, Cache, IDC, and DPI, etc. to promote operation efficiency.

Ⅵ Effects

(1)Reduce complains

Provide connection to thecomplaining system, and identify complain reasons through multi-business loganalysis. Improve operation efficiency.

(2)Focus Performance Indicator Management

Follow up the performanceindicator, and visualize it with charts. Conduct identification and analysis ofthe indicator which fails to meet the requirement.

(3)Enhance the Quality of Businessand Network

Improve user experience by conductinganalysis of network flow optimization, key business, popular resources andnetwork service quality





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