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Jiangsu Future Networks Innovation Institute, a provincial scientific research institute, was established in 2011, under the support of Nanjing Municipal Government and close cooperation of Tsinghua University, Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and China Academy of Electrics and Information Technology CETC. As the first and largest scientific institute specializing in developing core network technology of future networks, FNII is dedicated to building a national collaborative innovation center for future networks. Supported by well-known scientific research institutes, FNII introduces top talents with high reputation and technical teams at home and abroad to promote international cooperation, providing industry with a steady flow of power, and to enhance the radiation effect on information industry, high-tech service industry and economic and social development.

Located in the Future Network Valley in Nanjing Jiangning Economic and Technological Development Zone, FNII takes the top design for future network development, technology research and development, standards promotion, intellectual property protection, industry incubation and development as the focus to advance the large-scale development and promotion of future network technology, products, and achieve the rapid application of scientific research results, constructing a complete industrial chain from chip design, equipment manufacturing, system integration to application service.

It is expected to establish our international status in the field of future network industries through the efforts made in next decade, and FNII is committed to making an active contribution to the development of China's information technology industry.


Mechanism Innovation

Concentrate strength to overcome difficulties

introduce talents, funds and other resources, and establish a win-win collaborative innovation mechanism of resource complementarity and achievements and benefits sharing.

Top talents propose projects

Talents at home and abroad propose innovative projects with excellent industry prospects based on market demand and technological expertise.

Market mechanism stimulates vitality

Construct a flexible market incentive mechanism and entrepreneurial environment to fully mobilize the enthusiasm and innovativeness of the technical personnel.

Top experts lead the direction

Introduce first-class technologists and entrepreneurs at domestic and abroad for guidance, coaching businesses and promoting applications, etc.