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Municipal Party Committee and Government held press conference on Development Views of Future Network Valley

Date:2012年07月01日      Total Browse 3057 Secondary      Editor:

Nanjing Municipal Party Committee and Government held press conference on the morning of July 31, making interpretation to Views on Constructing China (Nanjing) Future Network (Wireless Valley) Valley as the Core and Speeding up the Development of the Communications and Network Industry, which was issued recently. The Vice-chairman of Industry Innovation Center for Future Network, China, Dr. Xie Gaogang and Chief for Bureau of Qualified Scientists and Technicians of Management Committee in Jiangning Economic and Technological Development Zone, Dr,Zhang Bin attended the press conference and answered some questions raised by the journalists on the operation mode and construction of Future Network Valley.

United States, European Union, Germany, Japan and other countries and regions have established national large-scale experiment network platform since 2005. Last year, six Chairman units signed Cooperation Agreement on Constructing Future Network Innovation Institute jointly on the opening ceremony of Center, so Nanjing got three "First" in the domestic future network industry, which include: our first research institution specializing in future network technology - Industry Innovation Center for Future Network, China was established in Nanjing, our first future network industry base - China (Nanjing) Future Network Valley was settled down in Nanjing, and our first future network experiment platform - National Network Innovation Infrastructure Project (CENI) was started in Nanjing.

According to the plan, the 4m2 Zi Jin (Jiangning) Technology Entrepreneurship Special Community taking zijin (Jiangning) will be taken as the main industrial cluster area of Future Network Valley, where the core area of Future Network Valley covers 1500 acres. Nanjing and Jiangning District will invest at least 426 million Yuan in the next three years. Through the construction, it is expected to finish the layout of Future Network Vally in 2015, and CENI testing network is supposed to be completed and put into use, whose industrial scale will reach to RMB 50 billion Yuan; complete industry chain within Future Network Valley will be formed by 200 with industry scale up to RMB 100 billion Yuan.