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The Center made win-win co-operation with "Voice of China" Customized e-magazine has been issued strongly

Date:2013年03月08日      Total Browse 5980 Secondary      Editor:

On the eve of 2013 Spring Festival, Center digital wisdom multimedia platform project team signed a cooperation agreement with Can Xing Manufacture which owned by Stars. So, the team made official electronic magazine for "Voice of China” and related web sites.

The official E-magazine of Voice of China went on line on Apple APP  STORE and the Android markets on March 6, which was a E-magazine Monthly made by a professional team that consisted of senior editors that specialized in planning public information of the media, editors that dealt with across print media and digital magazine as well as cutting-edge reporters. There are 6 sectors, nearly 20 fixed columns on the E-magazine, collecting and briefing the official information of Voice of China, covering the exclusive backstage news for in-depth reporting, which is the most convenient mobile client for online registration of second season. In addition to the main issue, there are 2-3 supplements, which cover mainly constellation, fashion, songs guidance, aiming at attracting readers of all ages.

The derivatives of the official E-magazine of Voice of China include the official website of the magazine, and the traditional fixed patterns of E-magazines will be changed, but a distinctive website with fashion and beautifulness will be showed, which can not only offer electronic magazines for readers to read online, download, but also provide related official information and exclusive interview with students of Voice of China. Website focuses on user experience and interaction between members, each user can customize their own exclusive website, which can be done conveniently through a simple key to change web page style and background music while you enjoy the double impact of visual and auditory. At the same time, members of the website can upload their own music; enjoy the priority of registration in the second season.