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FNIC signed contract with JsChina successfully and started strategic cooperation officially

Date:2013年05月14日      Total Browse 7689 Secondary      Editor:

Signing ceremony of FNIC and JsChina Press Media Co., Ltd was held in Wireless Valley on the morning of May 13, and both reached consensus on jointly building research and development centers and carried out strategic cooperation.

Before the signing ceremony, Vice-chairman of our Center, Director of the CAS Institute of Computing Technology Xie Gaogang introduced the construction of the Center to leaders of JsChina and stated the development of future network technology briefly.

On the contract-signing ceremony, Director of our Center and academician Liu Yunjie expressed her keen cooperation wishes, "Our Center will organize teams to solve the technical problems of content publishing, network security, network security and public opinion monitoring and so on that are needed by JsChina in actual operations process, making the network architecture more reasonable and more secure, making people obtain better user experience, and we will provide best solutions based on actual network needs. "

Member of Xinhua Press Media Group CPC Committee, Chairman of the Board and General Manager pf JsChina Press Media Co., Ltd Huang Bingsheng introduced the relevant information about JsChina to academician Liu Yunjie, "As an important local news website, JsChina has significant advantages in terms of content production, but falls short in technology. Through strategic cooperation between the two sides, especially the opportunities that Innovation Center was located in Nanjing, I hope it can promote the comprehensive development of JsChina. "

Under the strategic agreement, our Center and JsChina would cooperate in 9 aspects, including content publishing, network security, network security and public opinion monitoring that will be tried in our Center, integrating resources to promote overall development of our Center and JsChina.