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The Third Future Network Development and Innovation Forum, China, 2013 Opened

Date:2013年12月17日      Total Browse 3443 Secondary      Editor:

OnDecember 17th, 2013, with the theme of “Future Networks ExperimentFacilities and Innovative Applications”, the third China Future NetworkDevelopment and Innovation Forum was held in China (Nanjing) Future NetworksValley, which was co-sponsored by the CAE, Nanjing government and undertaken byFNII. More than 300 representatives from enterprises, colleges, scientific andresearch institutions in domestic China and overseas attended this forum. 

Severalmajor issues, including challenges and countermeasures of current networks,development trends of future networks, and establishment, experiment andapplication prospect of CENI project, had been raised and discussed during thisform. 

The Internet has become one of the most important infrastructures of modern society, along with the development of network communication technology and computer technology,the emerging applications like Three Networks Convergence, Internet of Things, cloud computing services and so on have posed huge challenges on existing scalability, mobility, safety, energy consumption, quality of services of the Internet. Sustainable development of future network has become the focus of global attention in recent years, the academia, the industry and the mainstream carriers around the world have accelerated the research and development of future network, and various standardization organizations have been set up to carry out the relevant work, such as ONF, NFV, OpenDaylight and others,Well-known international consulting cooperation Gartner listed SDN as one of the ten key technologies for the next 5 years in the field of IT in 2012, and the amount of SDN-related mergers and acquisitions involved in USA in the last two years have reached to more than USD 7 billion. These developments fully demonstrates that the future network is a major strategic opportunity, but also facing enormous challenges. Our country also gave much emphasis to seize the future development opportunities, the State Council issued No.8 File officially on February 23, 2013, which included the Chinese Environment for Networking Innovations project into the National Medium-and Long-term Planning for Major Science and Technology Infrastructure Construction (2012-2030).

Under the strong support of Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, three teams from Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy Of Sciences, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and Tsinghua University settled in Nanjing in 2011, and established Jiangsu Future Networks Innovation Institute (FNII) to carry out the research and development of future network architecture and key technology etc, and Nanjing would provide strong support in funds, policies, and incentive mechanism and other aspects, which also fully reflected the attention that the leaders of Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province have paid to innovation-drive development and sensitiveness to grasp technology direction. Currently, the research teams have been expanded from three to 45, and have developed programmable virtual routers platform, measurement systems for network perception, intelligent network resource distributed system, comprehensive management and control system of testing network and other key future network devices. Based on above results, Institute opened the first small-scale testing facility of programmable future network on August 8, 2013, covering Nanjing, Beijing, Xi'an and Chongqing, a total of 7 nodes in 4 cities, and the network management and Master control center was established in China (Nanjing) Future Network Valley, through Federal SFA mechanism and interconnecting with United States GENI and EU OneLab, has realized the resources leveling of across testbed and mass test deployment.  

With the advance of research and development capabilities and test infrastructure for China future network, the developed countries in the world began to cooperate with our nation in research and development of future network. During this forum, FNII reached a strategic cooperation agreement with the United States, the European Union and Australia and would cooperate in scientific research of the future network, network resource sharing, joint research and development internationally, and expand international cooperation, which will greatly improve the capabilities of our nation in future network research and development as well as collaborative innovation, also indicated that China officially became the world's important members in network innovation environment.