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The first Council was held successfully in Jiangning Wireless Valley

Date:2012年05月17日      Total Browse 5776 Secondary      Editor:

The first Council of Industry Innovation Center for Future Network, China was held successfully in Jiangning Wireless Valley on May 17, 2012. Academician of CAE Liu Yunjie, Deputy Director of Economic and Informationization Commission Wei Zhi, and Chief for Bureau of Qualified Scientists and Technicians of Management Committee in Jiangning Development Zone Zhang Bin and others, a total of 17 people, attended the Council as the representatives of 6 Chairman Units respectively.

At the Council, Academician Liu Yunjie made a detailed introduction to the advancement of the Center at first, which has been highly appraised by representatives of each member Unit. And then, all the representatives attending the Council made heated discussions on Center Charter and appointment of major leadership. It has been unanimously approved by the Council that  Liu Yunjie would serve as the Director of the Center, Zhang Bin, Yang Bo, Xie Gaogang, Yin Hao, and Wang Yan as Deputy Director and Huang Tao as Assistant Director.

At the end of the meeting, the representatives of the Chairman Units made plans for next step, and placed high hopes on vigorous and successful development of the Center.