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Zhang Hui

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Zhang Hui is Professor of Computer Scienceat Carnegie Mellon University and Co-Founder and Chief Scientist of Conviva.

As a researcher, Zhang has worked in thearea of Internet Quality of Service (QoS), video streaming, control plane, andInternet architecture.  As part of hisPh.D. thesis research at U.C. Berkeley, Hui Zhang was one of the principaldesigners and implementers of the Tenet Real-Time Protocol Suite, which was thefirst complete protocol suite that provided guaranteed real-time service acrossheterogeneous wide-area internetworks. At Carnegie Mellon, Zhang supervised IonStoica’s 2001 award-winning Ph.D. dissertation on Internet QoS. His End SystemMulticast (ESM) research group pioneered the overlay multicast architecture anddeveloped the world’s first peer-to-peer live streaming system in 2002. The2001 ESM paper won the SIGMETRICS Test-of-Time Award in 2011. In 2003, Zhangstarted the 100x100 Clean Slate Project and 4D Project, which were among thefirst to apply clean-slate methodology to Internet architecture research andled to initiatives such as Software Defined Networks.

As an entrepreneur, Zhang co-foundedConviva with Ion Stoica.  Convivaoptimizes video quality for premium content properties such as HBO, ESPN andCNTV. Conviva’s technology has powered some of the world’s largest on-lineevents such as Olympics, FIFA World Cup, NCAA College Basketball March Madness,Major League Baseball, and Academy Awards. Zhang also served as the Chief Technology Officer of Turin Networks from2000 to 2003.   Turin Networks was mergedwith Force 10 Networks and acquired by Dell in 2010.

Zhang is an ACM Fellow.  He was awarded the Alfred Sloan Fellowship in2000, the National Science Foundation Career Award in 1996, and theFinmeccanica Chair in Computer Science at CMU from 1998 to 2001. 

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