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First Jiangsu Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Contest Launched in Nanjing Future Networks Town

Date:2016年10月17日      Total Browse 2577 Secondary      Editor:

Guidedby the Jiangsu Economic and Information Technology Commission (JEITC),co-organized by the Jiangsu Enterprise Information Association and JiangsuEnterprise Technology Innovation Association, overtaken by FNII, Jiangsu Sinaand Round Expo, the branch for the first Jiangsu Intelligent ManufacturingInnovation Contest was kicked off in Nanjing Future Networks Town. More than280 representatives attended this event. 

Withthe theme of “Intelligent Production”, combining the development of the newgeneration of information technology with manufacturing technology and thecultivation of new production methods, the contest aimed to promote upgrades ofthe existing production equipments and CNC and intelligence for production lines,establishment of intelligent workshops and factories, and localization of productionequipments for material manufacturing (3D printing) equipments, high-grade CNCmachines and precision instruments.