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17WiFi Got Sales License for Computer Information System Security Product from MPS

Date:2016年10月27日      Total Browse 6591 Secondary      Editor:

Recently,17WiFi successfully passed tests by the Testing Center for Quality of ComputerInformation System Security Product under the Ministry of Public Security ofChina (MPS) and got the sales license. 

Theproduct supports multiple accesses including bypass image, transparent bridgeand gateway, provides high flexibilities for public environment deployment, ensurethe deployed online 17WiFi equipments not to affect the transmissionperformance of the original network system and control the delay reduction rateto less than 10%.

Aboutthe internal system, the product can keep in a high security mode to preventand resist some of the Internet malicious attacks (such as DDoS, Syn, Flood),so as to ensure the stability of the data source device.

17WiFiequipments use cryptographically secure connections (HTTPS) with MSP’s backgroundsystem during data interactions, and adopt independent developed privateencryption algorithm for data transmission to guarantee the security.