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FNII Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with New H3C

Date:2017年01月09日      Total Browse 3910 Secondary      Editor:

On January 9th, 2017, FNII signed a strategic cooperation agreementwith the New H3C Group in Beijing, which showed that both parties will havecommunications and cooperation in technology development, application practice,and demonstration promotion, cultivate inter-disciplinary talents, and jointlypromote the development of new network technology, industrialization, andapplications.

Relyingon the leading role of FNII in scientific research and great powers onorganization and influence in future network field, combining New H3C’sadvanced network solutions and mature after-sales service system, both partieswill further improve the integrated “science-university-research” technologyand business innovation model, satisfy carriers with their demands forinnovations in network reconfiguration, drive construction studies on nationalfuture networks and accelerate the landing speed for future network strategies.