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The opening ceremony for commissioning of “Industry Innovation Center for Future Network, China” and Nanjing Future Network Industry Association was held in Wireless Valley in China

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The opening ceremony for commissioning of “Industry Innovation Center for Future Network, China” and Nanjing Future Network Industry Association was held in Wireless Valley in China.

In the next-generation of information network technology, Future Network industry has become the strategic choice for the world to occupy the commanding ground of information technology and enhance their international competitiveness. China?Jiangning Wireless Valley (Future Network Valley), located at the junction of Suyuan Avenue and Mozhou Road in Jiangning Development Zone, became the center of attention again on May 17, - with the official operation of the Industry Innovation Center for Future Network, China, establishment of Nanjing Future Network Industry Association and signing and settlement of 6 innovation projects, Jiangning Development Zone is speeding up its pace in building national leading wireless communications and future network industry base.

The Standing Committee of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Secretary of Municipal Party Committee attended the commissioning ceremony, and cut the ribbon at the ceremony. Municipal leaders Liu Yi'an, Zhou Qian, Luo Qun and others, Director of Nanjing Future Network Innovation Institute and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Liu Yunjie, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Wu Hequan, Li Guojie, Fang Binxing, heads of other relevant Provincial and Municipal Departments, experts and scholars in the field of future network attended the activities.

Future Network Valley "Provincial Communications and Network Industry Innovation Base" is rising.

Future Network industry is next specified development focus of our country, which is also one of the most promising and emerging strategic industries with the most advantages in Nanjing. At the signing ceremony of "Two Ministries and One Province" held at the beginning of the year, Jiangsu Communications and Networking Industry Innovation Base, taking Nanjing?China Future Network Valley (Wireless Valley) as the main body, was listed as one of the three major emerging strategic industries in the province.

Nanjing, rich in science and educational advantages and talents and the leading and first-class technical teams, has provided support for the development of future network industries. One-third of universities in Nanjing are located in Jiangning Development Zone. Now, there are 25 universities and colleges in Jiangning Development Zone, with more than 200,000 students. Southeast University, Nanjing Aeronautics and Astronautics University and Hohai University and others are all within the Jiangning University town. Currently, there are more than 63,000 talents in the Zone, among which 10,000 are associate professors or MA Degree holders, more than1000 staff who studied abroad, over 130 companies that are established by those who studied abroad, and 28 people are members of the national "1000 Plan" and 24 are members of "Innovation and Startup Plan" in Jiangsu Province. Jiangning will focus on increasing the policy support in  industry, talents and innovation incubating and so on, innovate the high-quality and effective service mode, create an excellent environment and provide convenient support, help promote the Future Network Industry Base into a first-class innovation center and industrialization base of future network within the country but synchronize with the world.

The core of Future Network Industry in Jiangning Development Zone is "Two Cores and One Valley", which is to take Nanjing Communication National Technology Laboratory and Industry Innovation Center for Future Network, China as the core and take Future Network Valley as base to construct a complete industry chain from chip design, equipment manufacturing to application service, build a first-class communications and network innovation base within China but synchronize with the world and industry commanding ground, and eventually establish the international status in the field of future network industry for our country.

Industry Innovation Center was led by "Father of China's Internet"

Industry Innovation Center for Future Network, China, which was put into operation on the day, was constructed under the leading of Academician of CAE Liu Yunjie, who was known as the "Father of China's Internet", together with CAS Institute of Computing, Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and other Universities and scientific research institutes, bringing together top technical experts at domestic and abroad in the field of future network and owning world-leading research and inventions of the field. Innovation Center will strive to make the National Network Innovation Infrastructure Project (CENI) settled in Nanjing, whose total investment is about RMB 1.1 billion Yuan, and will speed up breakthrough development of Nanjing Future Network Industry on the construction of CENI platform.

In the development of future network industry, Industry Innovation Center for Future Network, China takes on 3 important missions, which is to be the "National leader, Industry sources and scientific leader". It is learned that the spatial layout of industry of "Two Cores and One Valley" will be primarily formed by 2015, taking Nanjing as the operation control center of Nanjing and 12 pilot cities as nodes, and the testing network of National Network Innovation Infrastructure Project (CENI) (hereinafter referred to as CENI) will be finished and put into use, with industry scale of communications and network up to 50 billion Yuan. A complete industrial chain of the Future Network Valley will be formed by 2020, which will coordinate the upstream and downstream, and realize the interconnection between the CENI testing network and existing backbone network of operators. Future Internet Valley became internationally renowned industry, research and development base, with industry scale of communications and network up to 100 billion Yuan.

The first industry association in the field of future network was established.

Nanjing Future Network Industry Association, sponsored and established on that very day by 20 units, including Industry Innovation Center for Future Network, China, Nanjing Broadcasting and TV Group, Nanjing Telecom, Nanjing Mobile, Nanjing Unicom, Huawei Software, Southeast University, Nanjing University and so on, is China's first industry association in future network. Through strengthening the industry guidance, personnel training and synergies between member units, the Association will take full advantage of the platform to promote the resource sharing among politics, production, training and research, and further integrate the key elements of techniques, finance, markets, industry, human resources and others, start cooperative innovation, upgrade industrial chain, and promote the industry development comprehensively. The Standing Committee of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Secretary of Municipal Party Committee attended the opening ceremony of Nanjing Future Network Industry Association.

Six projects were signed and "got into the Valley", and will become the main force in future network industry

Future network industry covers chip design, equipment manufacture, system integration, software development and application service and other key parts, which has become the magnetic field to attract talents and introduce intelligence. On the ceremony, Director of China (Nanjing) Future Network Industry Innovation Center Liu Yunjie, member of CPC District Standing Committee and Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Development Zone Dai Huajie signed cooperation agreement with 6 innovative entrepreneurial teams respectively, including tourism platform and so on.

Tourism cloud platform project mainly studies on the China's wisdom tourism, will build the biggest online tourism platform; Podcast specializes in developing and constructing the HD video home media center and e-trading platform of virtual goods with copyright, achieving the sales industrialization of digital  electronic of digital goods with copyright, like HDTV, MTV, comics and animation, eBook, software and so on; NFC chip research and development and mobile payment application project main deals with NFC core technology research, chip design and the industrialization of chips in future mobile payment applications; intelligent video recognition project specializes in video processing, research and development of information security and its industrialization. Future enterprise network project deals with development of enterprise mobile cloud platform (EMI), research on mobile network informationization of small-and micro-sized enterprises, industrialization of enterprise mobile cloud platform, realizing the target of informationization of small-and micro-sized enterprises with only several thousand Yuan spent; social network analysis project specializes in analyzing mass unstructured data, the research and development of applications, public opinions and industrialization of social media marketing service.