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Date:2017年09月19日      Total Browse 4832 Secondary      Editor:

Certificated by the expert group and authorized by the Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu province, Jiangsu Future Network Innovation Institute (hereinafter referred to as “FNII”) has been approved to establish a provincial engineering research center (hereinafter referred to as “The Center”) recently.

As the first and the largest research institute specializing in the research and development of future network core technologies, FNII has built a professional research team including one CAE academician, two recipients of Ten Thousand Talent Program and one provincial innovative and entrepreneurial team. The achievements including new network architecture, network virtualization device & system, network resource optimization and intelligent controlling, network measurement & awareness technology have been in the lead positions in domestic China. 

Relying on the national major technology infrastructure-future network experiment environment project, the Center will focus on four applications on R&D of future network virtualized device and system, content delivery technology based on SDN, network measurement and awareness technology and cloud network integration technology, and put efforts on technology breakthrough, industry-study-research cooperation, achievement transformation, enterprise and talent cultivation and leading effect establishment, aiming to accelerate development of new technologies and products based on the next generation of internet and build a leading base on future network industry.