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Jiangsu Unicom and FNII Agree On Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Including Close Work On Internet of Things and Smart Cities

Date:2017年10月25日      Total Browse 5065 Secondary      Editor:

On 25th October, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation agreement between Jiangsu Unicom and FNIC (Future Network Innovation Corporation) was held in Nanjing Future Network Town. General Manager of Jiangsu Unicom Mr. Liu Guiqing, deputy general manager Mr. Zhang Chunhui, Mr. Ou Dachun, and managers of relevant departments attended the ceremony. Director of FNII, Academician Liu Yunjie, general counsel Mr. Tian Wenke, executive deputy director Mr. Tan Hang, executive deputy general manager of FNIC Mr. Ye Yingchun, deputy director of FNII Mr. Huang Tao attended.

Executivedeputy director of FNII, Mr. Tan Hang (Left) and deputy general manager ofJiangsu Unicom, Mr. Zhang Chunhui (Right) signed the strategic cooperationagreement.

In the future network command center, some of the project leaders of FNII made detailed introduction and exhibition of products such as DNS solution platform, OCO service platform, application platform of Internet of Things, FNIC-Wi-Fi application, etc.

The agreement focused on five aspects: scientific projects research, application promotion, OCO platform expansion, establishment of the Internet of Things researching and application center, and smart city building. Both parties agreed on the development and industrialization of future network new technology and new business. An innovative and win-win industrial chain would be built to upgrade the information development of regional economy in Jiangsu.