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Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signed Between FNII and Jiangsu Education Department

Date:2017年10月24日      Total Browse 4204 Secondary      Editor:

On the afternoon of 24th October, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between FNII and Jiangsu Education Department was held in Nanjing. Mr. Ge Daokai, Director of Jiangsu Education Department, attended and gave a speech. The agreement was signed by Ms. Cao Yumei, Deputy Director of Jiangsu Education Department, and Academician Liu Yunjie, Director of FNII, on behalf of the cooperation parties.

Both parties agreed on cooperation on professional buildings of the vocational schools in Jiangsu and subject research and industrial application in future network field. The key points of cooperation consist of the SDN curriculum joint buildings, faculty training, and student internship, etc. FNII will provide SDNLAB training platform for each project school by implementing the software and resource module, to support the teaching, training and research of the schools. Also, FNII will support qualified vocational schools implementing nodes and connecting to the China Environment for Network Infrastructure.

DirectorGe Daokai pointed out that Jiangsu had always valued culture and education. Inthe past few years, education has always been the priority development of theJiangsu Province, and the strategies of strengthening province with science,education and talents have been implemented. Jiangsu focuses promoting of allkinds and all levels education, and making innovational cooperation patternsbetween schools and corporations to upgrade talents quality. Director Ge hopedthat all the qualified vocational schools around Jiangsu Province wouldactively take part in the project cooperation with FNII to promote theprofessional buildings and teaching skills, and to provide intellectual andtalent support for the innovative development of future network in Jiangsu.

Mr. Ge Daokai, Director of Jiangsu Education Department, gave a speech