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Chairman Hu Jintao visited Nanjing, Wished earnestly on future network industry

Date:2012年12月26日      Total Browse 4101 Secondary      Editor:

"To seize the development opportunity of information network technology of new generation, actively develop and build the next generation of Internet, change separating situation of China's information resources industry and the core technology is disciplined by others. ” ---Chairman Hu Jintao put forward wishes earnestly on development of network communication technology on "Two Academies" meeting on June 7, 2010.

On the occasion of implementing the spirit of the 18th Party Congress throughout the whole city, Chairman Hu Jintao came to Nanjing on December 26, visited the Nanjing Chenguang Group, Jiangning "Wireless Valley" and gave an important credit for the development of the network future industry. During the visit, Hu Jintao pointed out that science and technology innovation is the strategic support of social productive forces and overall national strength. In order to transform the economic development mode and realize the national development target, it was important to deepen the organizational reform, strengthen the independent innovation, learn more core key technologies, improve the scientific and technological achievement transformation rate, give full play to science and technology leading and innovation-driven role in boosting the economic and social development.

In order to facilitate the expedition, the center constructed two demo areas for system products on the first and the second floor in Wireless Valley respectively, Director of our Center and academician Liu Yunjie made a detailed demonstration and illustration for Chairman Hu Jintao. Hu Jintao asked Liu Yunjie a few questions, which were the core issues of future network development in our country: Does our country have major projects in the area of future networks? What problems and difficulties do we have in current relevant research and development and industrial development and so on. When knowing that future network development has been included in the project of "Twelfth Five-year" major scientific research infrastructure by National Development and Reform Commission, Chairman Hu Jintao asked again with keen interests about whether the specific programs of project implementation have been made. Liu Yunjie said that Centre had made preparation, and has developed key equipment.

Zhou Li, the head of "Mobile Internet Cloud Platform for Enterprise" said, "From the smile wearing on the face of Chairman Hu after he watched the presentation of the related research and development projects, we could feel that Chairman Hu was satisfied with our scientific and technological innovation results, especially gave credit for accumulative effects, we will take the encouragement as the powerful force to accelerate technological innovation and research and development.”