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The Center held end-of-year working report meeting for 2012

Date:2013年01月25日      Total Browse 6005 Secondary      Editor:

Director of Industry Innovation Center for Future Network, China Liu Yunjie held annual working summary meeting of 2012 on the morning of January 18, 2013, listened to working summary reports and plans for 2013 of each stationed team and each functional department and other related issues. Vice-chairman of Center Xie Gaogang, Zhang Bin, Yang Bo, Assistant Director Huang Tao, and relevant personnel in charge attended the meeting.

The project representative of each team reported their respective information on project completion, costs and expenditure, personnel structure and market condition at the year-end meeting of 2012, and operational situation of each project team including their development completion targets, market direction, operational objectives, intellectual property rights and other aspects for 2013 in details and made constructive suggestions on the development of the Center.

After listening to the reports and suggestions, academician Liu Yunjie gave full credits for the achievements that the Center had made, gave high praise for the part that has reached the expectations of 2012 and exceeded the plans, made several requirements and suggestions for the research, development and management, marketing of each projects and hoped that each team could get better and better results in project development and marketing in 2013.