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Representatives from Nanjing branch of China Unicom visited the Centre to discuss cooperation matters

Date:2013年01月30日      Total Browse 6834 Secondary      Editor:

Director of Department of Governmental Affair and Department of finance of Nanjing branch of China Unicom Lu Weiliang, On January 24, 2013, Director of the Business Department Chen Baoqing, and Manager of the Business Department Li Zhongzhen visited the Centre, and had preliminary discussions with the team representatives of our Center on cooperation.

The stationed teams made primary communication and understanding of current needs of China Unicom during this cooperation negotiation Conference. At the conference, the representatives from the nine teams made brief introduction on the ongoing projects and future development, and had heated discussions with visiting company officials during the process of project introduction.

Once understanding the market demands of each project, Director Lu Weiliang summarized briefly, saying that China Unicom will communicate and collaborate with the teams on a lot of businesses in the future, and hoped that the two sides could work together to find a way to help the industry grow, which was also the operation direction of China Unicom as the communication chennel. After that, Director Lu Weiliang put forward several suggestions on the projects that had been discussed: first, hope to develop more application products established on 3G network; second, hope to enhance the integration of customer resources, and gradually promote the development with this scope.

After the meeting, the visiting people from Unicom have made contact with certain projects of high fit and would make in-depth communication and cooperation another time.