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The leaders of JsChina and the delegation came to FNIC and discussed cooperation

Date:2013年03月22日      Total Browse 1697 Secondary      Editor:

The operation director of JsChina Xu Shouquan and the delegation came to Future Network Industry Innovation Center and discussed cooperation on the afternoon of March 22, Executive Vice-chairman of Center Xu Wenshun and so on participated in reception. On the exchange meeting, Vice-chairman Xu introduced the basic information and the ongoing projects of Future Network Industry Innovation Center, and JsChina also showed high affirmation for the center related products and great desire to cooperate with the Center.

Subsequently, the two parties discussed the two projects about content distribution platforms and social media systems specifically, which was supposed to have cooperation this time. The core technical and marketing staff from two project teams described the technical characteristics, market advantages, cooperation model, and project case studies and so on, and made presentation on systems on-site. Both sides made requirements clear and further refined the contents of cooperation through an extended period of heated discussions.